Categories Archives: Social Studies

Categories Archives: Social Studies

Sociology (1/2 credit)

Sociology Students will study human behavior at every level, in both small and large groups. The content includes information on social influences that affect personality, culture, socialization and groups. Social behavior including deviance and collective behavior are covered. Institutions including the family, school, and religion are also investigated. Several types of inequalities based on age, […]

American Government (1/2 credit)

American Government Students will study the state, local, and national government. Emphasis will be placed on the organization, operation, and the powers and duties at each level of government. Inquiries will also be made into how actions of government affect the lives of the American people.

American History (1 credit)

American History This course consists of the study of the United States history from the Civil War to the present. Students will also learn about the political, economic and social philosophies that have shaped our country’s history since the Civil War.

World History (1/2 credit)

World History This course will be studying history since the beginning of civilization with the main focus on the history of the last 100 years. The early empires of Rome and Greece will also be addressed.

World Geography (1/2 credit)

World Geography This class is an inquiry into climates, topography, physical resources, population distribution, economics and other factors affecting man’s life and activities. Studies will also be made into the relationships of foreign countries with the United States.

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