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Categories Archives: Science

Advanced Biology (1 credit)

Physics (1 credit)

Physics Prerequisite: Geometry suggested and a strong math background. (Offered alternate years) This class studies the motion of: falling objects, vectors, applications of force, gas laws, behavior of matter and energy, radio theory and aerodynamics, light, heat, work, and mechanics.

Chemistry (1 credit)

Chemistry Prerequisite: Algebra strongly suggested (Offered in alternate years) Atomic structure, periodic chart, chemical composition of compounds. Solution chemistry, chemical reactions, gas laws, acids and bases.

Biology (1 credit)

Biology In this course, the student will learn the concepts of life, evolution, genetics, and simple cell biology. This course will also cover the study of plants and single-celled animals and some higher forms of life including some lower vertebrates.

Physical Science (1 Credit)

Physical Science Elementary studies of Chemistry and Physics. The class consists of the basic studies of moving objects to wave motion and electricity. Chemistry includes atomic structure, classification of elements, formation of compounds, and physical and chemical properties. Uses of formulas require mathematical aptitude.

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