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Categories Archives: English

Creative Writing (1/2 credit)

Creative Writing offers students the opportunity to develop and improve their technique and individual style in poetry, short story, drama, essays, and other forms of prose. The emphasis of the courses is on writing; however, students may study exemplary representations and authors to obtain a fuller appreciation of the form and craft.

Novel Studies (1/2 Credit)

Novel Studies offers students the opportunity to improve their language arts and critical-thinking skills. Students determine the underlying assumptions and values within the selected works and also examine the structure, techniques, and intentions of the novel being studied. Oral discussion is an integral part of the course, and written compositions are often required.

English IV (1 credit)

English IV Literature: includes medieval, Shakespeare, poetry, plays and short stories. Also includes vocabulary study and comparative literature paper. Composition: Grammar review designed for college, extensive study of vocabulary, research paper, writing about literature; novel/play with critical review.

English III (1 credit)

English III Literature: American literature, including short stories, poetry, and plays. Vocabulary and reading enhancement study from American Literature stories. Writing about literature and spelling. Library research and novel reading (themes of research varies year to year). Composition: Writing the paragraph, long composition, rhetorical modes of composition, including narration, description, process, persuasion, classification, definition, comparison/contrast, […]

English II / Speech (1 credit)

English II / Speech Speech: In depth study of research methods and the use of sources. Writing outlines, emphasis on formulating and delivery of: inform-active, convincing and demonstrating speeches, several shorter speech assignments as well: impromptu, introductions, announcements, entertaining- all involving creative writing. Grammar: Emphasis on 8 parts of speech, the review of capitalization and […]

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