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Categories Archives: CTE

Personal Finance 1/2 credit

Personal Finance This class will educate students on the following tasks: earning a paycheck, paying rent, filing tax returns, handling bank accounts, taking out car loans, buying health and auto insurance, and much more.

Accounting (1 credit)

Accounting The Accounting Cycle Learning the beginning steps in bookkeeping: opening entries, what are debits and credits, journalizing transactions, posting, filling in worksheets, and statements, and closing the ledger. Part 2 – Combination Journal and Subsidiary Ledgers Applying the accounting cycle in a Merchandising business. A business stimulation packet will be completed in this part […]

Web Design and Desktop Publishing (1/2 credit)

Web Design and Desktop Publishing   Web Page Design/Desktop Publishing – Students will learn to design web pages using a variety of design software.  Students will use FrontPage and Dreamweaver software to learn design layouts, color schemes and table use to layout web pages.  Students will learn to use Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator along with […]

Multi Media Design (1 Credit)

Introduction to Manufactoring (1/2 credit)

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It is the mission of the Estelline School District to educate and prepare each student with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a diverse society.

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